Google released Android 11 Beta update, know the top features, how to download

Android 11 Beta Update has been released.  Google has said that it has also focused on privacy with visual changes.  Let's know what is special for you in this.

Google has released the first beta of Android 11.  Because of the Corona virus outbreak, the company has canceled its annual event Google I / O.  Therefore, the company has introduced it directly.  Generally, the company used to tell about the new Android version in this event.

We have already told you about the top features of Android 11, but now things have become more clear.  The company has told about the top features of Android 11.  The company has said that this update is now being given to more developers.

The company has said that the focus has been on privacy with it.  For example, if an app is accessing your location in the background, then the app developers will need approval for this.  Apart from this, many types of visual changes will be found.

An attempt has been made to improve the notification through a dedicated section.  The company divided it into three parts - People, Control and Privacy.

These are the top features of Android 11


  Google has said that Android 11 is being made more user-centric and expressive than before.  Under this, we will now see a change in the conversion notification.

  Under features such as bubble, voice access and keyboard optimization, users will have ease of multi tasking.  Under voice access, the on device will be able to understand the visual cortex screen and context and take commands.


  In Android 11, users can easily access connected devices under device control.  These controls can be activated by long pressing the power button.

  Under media control, users can rapidly change the output device.  TV, headphones or speakers.


  Under one time permission, the application can be given access to the microphone, camera or location of the device one by one.  The good thing is that if the app asks for your phone's microphone, camera and location access, then the user will be asked.

Features like background location, permissions auto reset will prevent the company apps from accessing the user's location in the background.  If you have not used an app for a long time under the Auto Reset feature, then the permission given by you to the app will be reset.

  Under Google Play system update, the company will work on the module that is already double updated.  The company says that this will improve the privacy, security of the user.

The Android 11 beta update can be downloaded for the latest Google Pixel smartphones from Pixel 2 to now.  In the coming time, the company may release a list of eligible smartphones for this.

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