Galaxy M31s review: read how Samsung's new mid range smartphone

The Galaxy M31s has four rear cameras.  The primary camera is 64 megapixels.  Its battery is 6,000 mAh and it has used Infinity O panel.

Samsung has recently launched a new mid range smartphone Galaxy M31s in India.  This is an upgrade of Galaxy M31 and also has a 6,000mAh battery.

 Some changes have been made to it in comparison to the Galaxy M31s.  Like - now the rear mounted fingerprint scanner has been given in this phone, not the rear fingerprint scanner.

 After using this smartphone for a few days, in this review, you will tell how much this phone meets the company's claims.

 You will read in this review

 1.How is this smartphone in terms of design and build quality

 2.How does the phone's display and battery perform

 3.How does the four rear cameras of the phone give results in photography

 3.How is this smartphone on performance and software front

 Galaxy M31s design and build quality

 You will not see much change in its design and build quality as compared to Galaxy M31.  Galaxy M series phones look similar and there are some changes according to the model.

 The phone is compact and its rear panel is of plastic and is a fingerprint magnet.  The top lift of the phone has a square camera module with four cameras and LED flash.

 Bezels are minimized in this smartphone and UNB Type C, headphone jack and speaker grill have been given in the bottom.  On the right side are the volume rocker keys and below it is the fingerprint scanner.  This phone is a little thick and when used with a cover, it feels heavy and thick in the hand.
You can use fingerprint scanner as the home page button.  The fingerprint scanner is accurate and once unlocked fast.  This is also practical, because to unlock the phone you have to press the home button and with this, it also detects your figure and unlocks it.
The display

 The Galaxy M31s has a 6.5-inch Full HD Plus display.  Here the company has used the AMOLED Infiimty O panel, that is, the top five for the selfie camera.

 The experience of watching videos has been good and there is no problem in gaming as well.  The viewing angle display is good and it is quite bright.  You may have a bit of trouble using it in direct sunlight though

 Companies are bringing high refresh rate display in this segment, but you will not see anything like this in it.

 The good thing is that even though the display of the phone is large, this single band can be used.  With one hand you can cover almost every corner of the display.

 Performance and Software

 The Galaxy M31s has an Exynos 9611 processor and has up to 8GB of RAM option.  This phone has Android 10 based OneUI.

 The processor given in it is Samsung's own and if you compare it with Qualcomm processor then you can keep the Snapdragon 730G.  Because in the second phone of this segment, you will find smartphones with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G processor.

 There is no issue of lag or hang in the phone.  If the habit is of high refresh rate then you may feel this slow, otherwise the phone will run at its own speed and there will be no obstruction.

 The performance of the phone is also tested through many benchmark applications.  But many times you do not know the reality from benchmark test.  However, when it comes to gaming, you will be able to play any kind of mobile game comfortably without any lag in it.
After continuous gaming, the phone is a little sure.  There is no problem even in multi tasking.  Switches from one app to another can also be faster.  Loading time is short.

 If you have used Samsung's phone recently, then you will be familiar with the user interface.  If not done, then understand, Samsung has already improved its user interface a lot.  Now it is already clean, has bold icons, clean settings menu and notification center.

 Some pre-installed software is provided in the phone and it is fully customized Android.  Many apps like Daily Hut, Amazon Prime Video, Snapchat and Kandi Crush have been given.

 It would have been better if the company had not given this unnecessary application.  You can enable dark mode by going to settings.  Using dark mode has been a better experience due to being an Amelode panel.
The camera

 The Galaxy M31s has four rear cameras.  The primary camera is 64 megapixels, which uses Sony sensors.  There is a 12 megapixel wide angle lens.  A 5 megapixel depth sensor and a 5 megapixel macro lens have been given.

 The camera interface is standard with many features provided.  One special feature given was Single Take - It was initially given by the company in its Galaxy S flagship series.  Under this feature, photos, videos, slow mo, time laps and gray scale photos will be generated from multiple angles on one click.

 Night mode, ultra wide and macro lens are also given.  You can click great photos outdoors with the primary camera.  Details are also good.  But the wide angle camera is not impressive.

 Wide angle camera covers more area, but detailing is not available.  Grains are found in low light.  Macro photography is better than average.

 Night mode is the average, indoor photography is also the average.  If the light is good then the bokeh effect will be fantastic, otherwise it is not the right light, then the bokeh effect is not right.

 The bottom line of photography of this smartphone is that it is neither outstanding nor bad.  But at this price the company could improve photography further.

The battery

 The Galaxy M31s has a 6,000 mAh battery and the performance of the battery is really impressive.  That is, you will get backup as expected.  With this, support for fast charging has also been provided.

 You can comfortably run this phone in mixed use for the whole day.  If you save and run the battery, then it will run for 1.5 days without charging.  It depends on how many apps are in your phone that are enemies of the battery.


 The Galaxy M31s can be a great package for you if you need a battery-centric smartphone.  The display is great, the phone feels premium due to the glastic body.

 On the performance front, the phone is good, the camera department is mixed, ie if you want a photo-centric phone then it is not for you.  Overall this is a good package at this price.

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