User data of crores of Indians is for sale, portal openly advertises on Facebook

The portal, which is surrounded by questions, has claimed to use the Truecaller app to verify the data, while the app has urged users to avoid getting caught by such 'bad actors'. 
 , So-called data including e-mail and phone number is available online at a flat price of only 850 rupees.  This has been revealed in India Today investigation.  A new portal is offering open purchase of "80 crore Truecaller Verified Database".  While it is being claimed by the portal that this data is verified by the famous caller app Truecaller, but Truecaller has denied any breach in its data.

 A spokesperson for Truecaller India Today said, "We can confirm that there has been no breach of our database and all information related to our users is safe."

 Online merchant Razorpay (RazerPay) is being used by traders to purchase data.  Also, it has been promised to provide CSV format with a file size of 10 GB.  A CSV file is a plain text file that stores tabular data such as a spreadsheet or database.

 The website claims "the data will be provided in CSV format so that it can be easily integrated (integrated) with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or other used marketing tools."

 While a large part of the sample database is associated with business entities, personal data is also classified into it.

 In this, data has been classified into various categories.  The database promises to provide more than 100 such categories such as PAN card holders, overseas Indians, students, teachers, credit card holders, women consumers in a particular city, frequent flyers etc.

 Independent cyber security researcher Athul Jayaram said, "Seeing whether this data is leaked from Truecaller or not, they claim to use Truecaller to verify 800 million phone numbers. Something from Truecaller's security  An accident would have occurred if a malicious element had used their service either to leak or to identify users. These include available names, addresses and other personal information. "

It has been said by Truecaller that 'bad actors' (bad elements) often misuse the app's name so that they can sell the database by adding some credibility.  We were also informed about the sale of similar data in May 2019.  This is a pattern repeated earlier: 'bad actors' compile databases from many different sources and place a Truecaller stamp on it.  By doing this, the data gets some credibility and it becomes easier to sell them. "

 While the trade of bulk users data is not a new phenomenon in the digital space, what sets this phenomenon apart is openly displaying it.  According to Athul Jayaram, Facebook advertising is to be used openly to sell the most worrying signal database here.  Such data is usually sold on the dark web, but in this case, a new website has been registered and promoted through Facebook advertising.

Jayaram said, "He has advertised on the Facebook platform about 800 million data for sale;  Facebook ads have a moderation policy and it is surprising how Facebook approved the sale of data. "

 Facebook's advertising policy states - "Before ads are displayed on Facebook or Instagram, they are reviewed to ensure that they match our advertising policies.  Typically, most advertisements are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases this may take longer.  But in this case, the vendors of the database have run three advertising campaigns in the past week. ”

 The portal which is surrounded by questions, has claimed to use the Truecaller app to verify the data, while the app has urged users to avoid getting caught by such 'bad actors'.  According to the app, the real purpose of such elements is to cheat people from money.

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