Windows 11: When will it be launched, what will be the features and who will get it for free

 The most used operating system in the world is Windows.  American tech company Microsoft launched Windows 10 five years ago i.e. in 2015.  Since then many updates have been added to it, but a completely new version i.e.Windows 11 has not arrived.

Windows 11

  Now the wait is over and Windows 11 is about to launch.Many things have been leaked about Windows 11.  

As far as the launch is concerned, the company can launch it on June 24.  Microsoft's big event is on June 24.  The company has not clarified this, but CEO Satya Nadella said in an event that the biggest update of the decade is coming to the Windows operating system.  From this it is clear that Widnows 11 is coming.  Let us know what will be special in it and who can get it.

It is clear from the leaks so far that the Start menu will change in Windows 11.  Live tiles will be removed.  There will be a big change in the taskbar and the icons will be placed in the center of the task bar.  If you know about Windows 10X, many features of this version will be given in Windows 11.

A new sound, animation and transition will also be seen when Windows 11 boots.  Major changes have been made to the Microsoft Store.  The shape of folders and icons has been changed.  Not only this, big changes will also be seen in this file explorer.  Syncing of Android and other smartphones will be improved with Windows 11, so that file transfer from the phone can be easier.

Who will get Windows 11 for free?  Looking at Microsoft's track record, the company can give Windows 10 users a free upgrade to Windows 11.  Obviously this will not get updated in pirated Windows.  There will be different editions of Windows 11 like there are of Windows 10.  Windows 10 is not there, if you have an operating system below this, then you may have to buy Windows 11 by paying.

It is worth noting that like Apple, Microsoft does not change the name or version of its operating system every year.  However, in between, new features come through updates, improvements are made and security patches are available.  New features have been found in the recent updates.  But now with Windows 11, the company seems to be preparing to change a lot.

When will Windows 11 be introduced?  As we have also mentioned above that there is an event of the company on 24th June.  The event will start at 8.30 pm Indian time.  The company's CEO Satya Nadella will also be in this event and you will be able to watch it live on the company's official YouTube channel.  During this event, the company can present Windows 11.

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